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This crew was founded by Tic Islam himself in late 2010 with Ash Punxta. They started making sounds along with Shad that time. They worked in a Mixed album by AI Media named Hiphop Revolution. After that Depetra & Rayze joined the gang. They started to rap in local area. They covered up the ground in Midcoast. Started to rule the streets.

They started to make different type of Hiphop musics. And Tic Islam came up with an Idea. MLM started a volume mixtape named ' Midcoast Fam Project '
There first volume was " Crown of Swagger "
It was filled with global artists, Such as Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, 13, Mims, MN Punk etc.

In the mixtape some new members joined. They are Rom, RK, Pinnocio, Shadin, Red and there gfx man G-Sick

The tape was a total hit with hot songs. Now they are making there new mixtape. It will be a big hit they said. It will be " Dhaka 1219 " representing Dhaka streets.

Meanwhile they worked in few mixtapes and albums.

MLM works in there neighbor hood studio - Wave Cave. and they got there own producer - MN Punk, who mixes the sound properly.

MLM is not only a band. Its a team, Gang and a circle of some friends. They are marching ahead. The target is global.

Fan Page - http://www.facebook.com/midcoastm

Website - http://www.reverbnation.com/lmgo

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Tic, Ash, Depetra, Rayze, Rom, Shadin, Pinoccio, Shad, RK, G-Sick
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Midcoast Lyrical Military ( MLM )
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Hip Hop / Rap / Hiphop / Pop

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Dhaka, BD