Darksun was officially formed in 2005, in southern California by (Singer/Guitarist) Jordan Sassone. After a rigorous search and countless auditions, Darksun was finally a complete band rounded out by Chris Dale (Bass), Eric Decasas (Guitar), and Ian Rottigni (Drums). Only being together for such a short time, the band immediately got to work on writing their first songs. Leading them to their first 4-song self titled demo with Producer Ben Schigel (Chimaira, Drowning Pool) at Spider Studios in Strongsville Ohio, in late 2005. With a fresh demo now completed, Darksun headed back to California and began rehearsing nonstop until their very first show in January 2006.

From 2006 to 2012, Darksun played hundreds of shows and released 3 demos from 2006 to 2008, a full length in 2009, and a redefining 3 song ep in 2011. Darksun toured extensively. In 2009 on the Halos&Horns Tour, which was a 3 month straight trek across the U.S leaving no prisoners behind, they shared their brutal live show night after night winning fans over and gaining momentum. The following year, Darksun hit the road again on the Sons of a Sik World Tour and on the American Domination Tour. There was no slowing down.

By 2011, Darksun reinvented their sound ten fold and really took things to a whole new level with complexity, brutality, and power! They showed off their new skills and redefined sound by recording a 3 song EP simply titled Darksun. For the next 2 years, they continued to write new music as often as possible. They perfected their live show to stand out amongst other artists. They shot their first music video for their song, Desecration Of The Gods. The heart pounding anthem, delivers ultimate impact full on metallic power that makes the ground tremble. Deep bass, hard guitar, and vocals that make you shiver with a demonic backbeat that just does not quit.

Darksun spent 2012 playing as much as possible and working hard on getting their music out to the public. By making their own videos and beginning a hard online work ethic, they have been able to gain a surplus amount of fans and followers. By years end, they reached many followers and started to achieve great online exposure, even getting online radio play, such as KXRZ THE RAZOR, where they have been played and requested numerous times. Darksun finished out the year on a high note with a sold out Hollywood show performing with metal veterans Cattle Decapitation and Dying Fetus. They put on a stellar performance, which you can view on the bands official youtube page.

Throughout their career, Darksun has shared many stages with such acts as Devildriver, Decapitated, Six Feet Under, As I Lay Dying, Dying Fetus, Static-x, Soilwork, Daath, Suicide Silence, Cattle Decapitation, Skinlab, Winds Of Plague, Job For A Cowboy and many more. In 2013, they have already played a hand full of shows and are gearing up to head into the studio to record their heaviest and most impressive track to date. Two tours are in the works and many performances are on the way. Darksun is the embodiment of hard work and persistence. There is no stopping these 4 guys and their never ending quest to play their unique brand of metal for crowds around the globe.

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Jordan Sassone, Chris Dale, Eric Decasas, Ian Rottigni
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Metal / Thrash metal / Death Metal

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