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A female multifaceted artist involved in many fields of art like Painting | Digital art - Design | Photography | Electronic Music Production | Online radio Sessions and Live Performance.

Free promo Albums:
SX in HrZland Free album[3 trax] Released: 24.12.12
SX in Soundland Free album [3trax] Released: 01.01.10
Free download in reverbnation, in last.fm and sxthemadartist.bandcamp.

ALBUM Releases:
Photograpsy - SXtheMadArtist 4 track EP Release Date: 05.09.14 [Spaceradio Records]
Poetic Disharmonia - SXtheMadArtist - 5 track EP Released Date: 27.09.13 [Karmak Records]
Plain Sentiment - SXtheMadArtist - 5 track EP Released Date: 14.12.12 [Plusquam Chillout]
Pale Hazy Daze - SXtheMadArtist - 3 track EP Released Date: 02.11.12 [Synergetic Records]
Parallel Instability - SXtheMadArtist -5 track EP Released Date: 08 06 12 [Synergetic Records]

Releases on V/A Compilations:
"Harmonizer" released on V/A "The 14 Dragon Tales" Rel. date: 25.02.14 by [Spaceradio Records]
"Efflux" appears on V/A ENJOY AMBIENT Vol.1 Released: 28.09.12 [Galore Music]
"Mystic Voices" appears on V/A ENJOY CHILLOUT & LOUNGE Vol.3 [Galore Music]
Released Date: 20.09.12
"Mandarin Dream" (feat. SXtheMadArtist) from The Collection (Scizofrenic Minds/
Depressive Beats) by Hiatus (Orys) Release date: 20.07.12

"Magic Flowers" released on 'VA - Digital United Forces' by Fantastic 5 Records Rel.Date: 04.03.14
"We R NOT" released on V/A "Explorations in dub" by Dubophonic Netlabel Rel.Date: 30.11.13
"Emoland" appears on the V/A "Zimmer 100" by Zimmer Records Released: 30.07.13
"EmotionaLandscape [Edit] " appears on the V/A "Welcome to Neverland" by Speaceal
Orbeats Records. Release date: 15 July 2012
"Longing Inner Sunshine" appears on Square Peg In A Round Hole Compilation Vol 1
Release Date: 05 June 2012
"Longing Inner Sunshine" released on V/A VKRS PureSpaceVol.01 Released Date: 18.06.10
"EmotionaLandscape" Original released on V/A VKRS PureSpaceVol.05 Released Date: 07.0110
"Destination: Space" released on Zimmer066 – v/a – #6 the principle of cause and effect [Zimmer Records]
Released Date : 22 Dec 2010

VKRS Radio presents Purespace Vol.03 – Sensorial Omnitopia – compiled by SXtheMadArtist
Release Date : 02.08.2010

Resident Radio Shows:
Every Monday 20:00 - 22:00 [gmt+2] SXtheMadArtist [Electronic Soundscapes] on Chillout Monday Zone with casafondaradio.com March 2014 - Today

PAST/Every Sunday 20:00 - 21:00 [gmt+2] SXtheMadArtist [ElectronicSoundScapes] on Lazy Sundays Zone with
blueraccoon.fm February 2010 - Radio shut down February 2015

Collaborated on projects with:
Astropilot Mastering Studio for the mastering of SXtheMadArtist Release “Photograpsy” with Spaceradio Records 2014
JemInEye Incantations for taking part with vocal Incantations into SXtheMadArtist track "Electric Auroras" 2013
Pitch Bend Recordings for Soundcloud Global Meet up 2011
Hiatus (Oris) on "Mandarin Dream" and the guitar play in"Mystic Voices" 2010
Vkrs.co Radio Netlabel for the Various Artists Compilation V/A "Sensorial Omnitopia" Compiled by SXtheMadArtist 2010

For more visit: http://www.sxthemadartist.com

SXtheMadArtist Electronic Music Production Studio
Experimental Electronica 2005 - 2015

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Stalo Xinari
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Electronica / Experimental / Down-tempo / chillout / psybient

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Nicosia, CY
Stalo Xinari