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RedLine is an up-and-coming Hip Hop/Rap recording artist with an incautious type of attitude, a troublesome past and a promising future.

Born, Christian Ycaza, on March 20, 1986 in Bronx, NY RedLine spent most of his adolescent years in Dominican Republic. But at 14, when he moved back to the states, he began to realize the harsh reality of being the new kid in town. He found a way to gain popularity and respect from his fellow peers, but unfortunately it was by fighting his way up. This was the beginning of his violent teen years. And During High School, the fights were replaced with an addiction to drugs as well as dealing, girls, crime but most importantly, music.

RedLine fell in love with Hip Hop after picking up a tape while roaming a junk yard. The tape was Big Pun’s “Capital Punishment” and listening to the lyrics inspired him to write. Another big influence is his now producer, Famine, who encouraged Redline to continue to write and helped him record his first tracks.

Music fell to the back burner when his addiction to doing drugs, money and guns became his priority. After several years of lock-ups and bail-outs, Redline was finally caught with thousands in cash and drugs and a couple of hand guns. He was arrested while trying to flee on a bus to NYC. But, he took the rap for everyone involved, did 2.5 years, and was released on parole.

Now, with a new attitude, a new determination and his new ways of using his street smarts, he has come back to music bigger, stronger and more dangerous than ever. People will be shocked at the stories told and many will, once again, fall in love with hip hop through his music.

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BluRoom Therapy, Famine, King Problem, Hasan, Cuzzin Bop, Joey Ray, Royal Lion Mob
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