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Anthony Payton, a native of Leesville, Louisiana, was raised in the church sitting next to his mother while she sang and played the piano. Following in his mothers
footsteps Anthony would bang on the piano as often as he could. He quickly developed a love for music.
Style and feeling have never been captured as well as Anthony Payton’s music. Peer Soul and R&B artists should watch out for his competition! As a solo artist, Payton has proved himself well on his debut c.d. The result is a near perfect love and romantic music disc that represents the R&B song to a potentially wide ranging audience. Today’s general world music buying public will fawn over this album. Payton’s voice is strong and versatile with a gentleman’s attitude that is required for this type of musical material. There are several moments when this disc is crackling with the type of raw energy that is rare in today’s Soul and R&B music scene. They occur in “Take My Time with Ya” and “This Should Be the Night”. Anthony Payton possesses that rare combination of deep feeling and understanding for his musical heritage while bringing some serious skill to the table.
When he wasn't in front of a piano he played sports with is brother and cousins at the playgrounds and on the sidewalks. Anthony became well-rounded in football, basketball, and baseball. He played football in high school and college. Anthony was a major stand-out at both levels. During college he majored in voice and and was the lead singer for all of his musical groups. After college he pursed a career in the NFL. When he wasn't on the practice he was in the piano room working on his music.
Following his dreams to play in the NFL, Anthony spent five years in the Arena Football League. He has played for teams in New Jersey, Buffalo, Cincinnati, and Louisville.
When I heard this very attractive and personable soul sing, I said to myself, "what is this guy doing playing sports?". I had to make sure he wasn't already a star, because he definately sounded like one.
Anthony spent three years writing the material for "Is This Love". He told himself that he would make it to the NFL and release a CD with the money he made from his contract.
In the mean time, Anthony recorded demos and handed them out to people. Fans that responded loved his voice and his contemporary style.
Falling short of the NFL, Anthony took all the money he had and invested in a studio. This is when he decided to give music the same attention he gave football. In the summer of 2003 he recorded his debut album "Is This Love".
Currently Anthony owns a business by the name of Up All Night Studios. The studio is located in Louisville, Kentucky. He is scouting talent and looking for artists that want to pursue a career in music.
Anthony's goals are to become a well known song writer and producer. He wants to create a stopping ground for major artists to record when they are not in L.A., Atlanta or N.Y.

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Anthony Payton - Vocals/Piano/Bass/Drums
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Anthony Payton
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Shelbyville, KY
Tamara Payton

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