' if ya cant run, crawl, but by all means nessesary, keep movin'... im from the 9th ward in new orleans louisiana, started rappin when i was 8, started gainin a name 4 myself in contest, poetry contest and street battles. came to fresno when i was 15 and met my cousins for the first time [touchtone]..we did a few songs recorded and found we sounded good together, i moved back to new orleans when i made 18, went to jail but came out hugry as hell, everthing going good till i lost everything in hurricane katrina.i did another 3 years tryna get it all back. so now im back in fresno and focused likle a budist priest, fresno loving our southern swag so we go continue killing it on stage and off.

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Hip Hop / HIPROCK, spoken word / RAP

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Fresno, CA

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