Yesplease is a rare three piece band that plays punk rock n roll, reggae, and folk music. These three men have been playing shows all their lives and stayed out of the normal scene..where bands find a niche and thrive off of the image they want. This band is truly pure. Purely talented. From knowing each other since preschool they have been classified as brothers not friends. From officially being in a band for almost a decade now they have been driving in their shitty van to play shows all over CT and New England areas. Playing at places like Foxwoods Casino to Toads Place in New Haven. Party people always call them up and ask them to play parties where things get too out of control and the cops always come in the end. Throughout the years they have managed to play with early Fall Out Boy where as far as they can remember they had a bigger mosh pit than and they were only in 8th grade! They have also played with the Dead Kennedies, a show no one could forget, The Wailers, Mad Conductor, Big D and the kid's table, Tristate Conspiracy, the infamous Toots and the Maytals and so on a so forth.
Some say that yesplease has three personalities. They have their funk jam mode for parties where reggae beats are fully elaminated into a dark minor keyed tripped out upbeats. Then they have their rock n roll creative innovation where they make up everything on the spot. And lastly their punk rock. Where Ryland screams into the mic like a mad man poet and something to say to everyone. Where the rest of the band lays out this direct clashing of drum and bass. Its straight
This is not a band. This is a lifestyle

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Fred, Sean, Ryland
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Rock / reggae / Punk

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Seymour, CT