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I live in a really cute little town in Holland called Delft. My mother is Swedish and my father is Dutch/ Chinese. Writing songs when I'm alone in my room is what I love the most.
When I was 7 years old my mother sent me to take piano lessons. She had to drag me there every Thursday afternoon. I loved playing the things I liked, but I was lousy at doing my homework and my teacher wasn't going to let me get away with it... and it`s a good thing she didn`t!
In high school I sang in a cover band I set up with a few friends. We called ourselves 'Sushi One' and it was then that I discovered the rush of performing on stage.
I have always written a lot of things down (and when I was young and I didn't know how to write, I pretended I could by scribbling down interesting lines and curls in secret documents). Poems, lyrics, stories, diaries, to- do- lists (my short term memory needs improving). Pen and paper are part of my primary needs. I'd be a mess without them.
During the summer after moving into my student home, I decided to skip going on a vacation so I could afford a piano. It was then that I started putting my words to music and I haven’t stopped since.

To me my songs are a way of realising that I exist, a way of giving shape to my world and feelings. Apart from the value music has to me as an individual, I want to invite more people to take a walk through my world and mind. I want to offer you something to project your own feelings on, or in other words: provide a home for your thoughts and emotions by sharing my own.
I like to think of every song as a painting and of people experiencing a performance or an album like a visit to a museum. Forget about what's outside. For every painting a moment to take it in. Then with a little bit more knowledge of me and my world, easily stroll on to the next one. It's your thoughts melting together with mine into a shape which I hope can uplift, carry, move, inspire or comfort you in some way.

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