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Four O’clock Heroes were overjoyed when they found out their first single “Bakersfield” had not only received college radio airplay, but also won the San Jose Public Library music video contest in 2012. This up and coming group of youngsters, and their indie pop rock sound, has created a definite impact in the San Francisco Bay Area ever since the release of their highly anticipated LP Take Control.

The band was formed in 2007 when then 8th grade students Rohit Kulkarni (Lead Vocals/Guitar) and Justin Mickanen (Lead Guitar/Vocals) asked their best friend Cameron Schnittger (Bass/Vocals) to purchase a Squire bass guitar pack so they could start a band. Bonded by a strong passion for Blink-182-esque pop punk, the three began recording original demos in their respective garages. After battling through a series of uncommitted drummers, the original three members of Four O’clock Heroes came to the conclusion that in order to be a great band, friendship was equally as important as musicianship. The band was soon joined by drummer Kevin Phan, but he wasn’t a drummer just yet. “I had always wanted to play the drums, but I never had the opportunity to do so” explains Kevin. “Cameron and Justin approached me one day during our Junior year of high school and asked if I wanted to join Four O’clock Heroes. My uncle gave me his old worn out drum set, and Cameron came over to my house after school every day for 4 months, drilling me on how to play the drums.” The band was finally comprised of four determined and close friends, not just musicians. Once Kevin progressed as a drummer, Four O’clock Heroes entered the studio in the summer of 2011 to record their 10 song LP Take Control.

The band’s diverse makeup is a crucial component to its unique, catchy sound. Influenced by bands such as All Time Low, Blink-182, and Relient K, Four O’clock Heroes successfully combines the pop punk styles of these bands with a unique indie flare that captures the attention of any listener. Any listener of Four O’clock Heroes will be intrigued by their effective uses of electronic drum samples and signature phaser guitar effects to create a sound that separates them from other generic pop rock bands.

Four O’clock Heroes has captured the positive attention of many online music critics. Jay Filichia of Skate Red Curbs writes, “The writing is so descriptive and unapologetic for its simple message. Here's more great layered music that leaves nothing unfilled or empty sounding. The message and the sound is what it's all about.” Aaron Carnes of Sanjose.com is also highly impressed by the sound of Four O’clock Heroes. "These pop-punkers know how to write a catchy tune. Plus they've got some solid chops and some crisp vocal harmonies.”

Although Four O’clock Heroes is enjoying having devoted fans in the Bay Area, they are looking to branch out and expand their music to the entire west coast region. Exemplifying their assertive, do it yourself attitude, they are actively contacting venues all across California through Reverbnation.com to book a state wide tour with other pop rock bands they are in contact with. “We want to play as many shows as we can in as many different venues as we can,” Rohit says. “We love playing shows and seeing audience members singing and rocking out to our performances, even those who have never heard of us before.”

“To put it simply,” marks Rohit, “if we can make someone happy through our music, it makes us happy as well. Our fans frequently contact us through Twitter and Facebook to tell us how our music gets them through the day, and that’s what it is all about.” There is nothing else Four O’clock Heroes would enjoy pursuing than the opportunity to bring joy to a greater audience of listeners if given the opportunity.

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Justin Mickanen, Brandon Wright
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This Week The Trend
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