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Andrew's love and appreciation for the art of music began as a young child. Andrew Edwards Jr. was born December 23,1948 in Gary ,Indiana. Like some adolescents,Andrew started molding his craft in his local church choir. Andrew had many musical influences as a youth.Artists that inspired him were: Otis Redding The Dells, and Sam Cook. With a God given voice for singing, there is no possible way for this talent to be suppressed; fate and destiny always take their coruse. Andrew completed his first classic album titled "Rising from the Ashes" this album exhibits how he overcame many obstacles and struggles to now live out a new life where he is actually in the driver seat; chauffeuring his true love which is music.This debut album has many diverse records that solidify it as a modern hit with an old school feel. Records such as"Steal Away" which is a remake of classic song by Jimmy Hughes, displays Andrew's vocal talent that is always smooth but yet powerful with every word. The record "She' s " Stalking Me" Andrew shows his writing versatility, while beautifully singing the story of a bipolar woman who cannot just understand the word no. The album as a whole, give listeners an experience that satisfies every mood and relates to everyday situations. Andrew is definitely a great artist. Andrew's hunger, energy, and talent establish him as one of the soul singing best. In due time , his continuous efforts, will make him legendary.

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Andrew Edwards
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