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If early 1970's Genesis, while hanging out with Supertramp, decided to jam with a few members of Depeche Mode, inviting one of the guitarists from Iron Maiden to join in, plus having some of the slow and dreamy influence of Pink Floyd's production values, and last, but not least, the band MUSE decided to sit in and play along as well, it might sound something like The Beltempest.
The ghost of John Lennon would be hovering over all, adding both his pop sensibilities, and a little wicked wit to the lyrics as well.
To quote Milwaukee writer and historian David Luhrssen, The Beltempest "sit at the boundary of genres with a cross appeal to different audiences."
In other words, they don't sound like anybody else.

Prior to being called The Beltempest, the band was named Statobahn. Statobahn played a number of shows at a variety of venues, from rock clubs like Rooters and The Rave to Kochanski's Concertina Music Hall to a house party on someone's driveway. This version of the band existed from the summer of 2005 until January of 2012, when it spontaneously combusted, and all that was left of their drummer was a small green globule.

The Beltmpest emerged from the ashes of Statobahn in April of 2012, and grew slowly but steadily.
For their debut show, The Beltempest headlined at The Metal Grill on March 20, 2014.

And what about Bob? Bob, the octopus, became the band mascot in April 2011, when keyboardist/vocalist Dave Hucke put him atop his keyboard stand at a show and he didn't fall off. And he's still there; watching, waiting, biding his time, preparing for the moment when The Bel shall sound in the deep, and Dread Cthulhu will rise and the stars fall from the Heavens and the Great Ones shall Appear and all mankind will be smote into dust or driven insane by the madness of it all - unless they are under the protection of Bob, and the Men of The Beltempest.

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Dave Hucke - Keyboards - Keyboard/Vocals, Peter Torres - Bass, John Bolton - Guitar, Bob - Other
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The Beltempest
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Rock / Art Rock / Alternative

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Milwaukee, WI

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