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My ambitions in life, for as long as I can remember have been strongly associated with music, sound, creation and improvisation.
I was 6 years old when I began playing the guitar and my earliest memories of music are grounded in the way it made me feel. It was quickly apparent to me that indefinite amounts of emotion could prevail through song writing and composing, not simply through the message in the lyrics but through the music and how it was constructed or produced. I remember the hearing 'LA Woman' by the Doors when I was very small. I felt a huge sense of excitement as the drum beat started after the strains of plucked piano strings and guitar slides enveloped me into a foreign land of 60's psycadelia full of raw power and drive. One can only imagine what impact it must have had in the 60's, but the fact that its sound could be so profound to an infant in the 80's with no consciousness of politics or the trials and tribulations of love, induced in me a desire to convey my emotions, my thoughts, and my soul through music
As my musical education guru, my father had a vast and eclectic collection of music from all genres. Growing up came with a soundtrack on vinyl. Motown, Atlantic Soul, Classic Rock, New Age Romantics, Nationalistic and High Romantic Classical, Folk, Jazz, Blues and Reggae. Pop music spanning the decades of his youth and forming the basis for my personal musical understanding and influence.
Today, I write, compose and produce my entirely own brand of music at my home studio in Beckenham (the town where the young David Bowie began his career in music). My influences are vast and varied much like my musical education, therefore I find it hard to categorise myself in terms of genre, not great considering the music industries mandate for direct marketing, and even worse that I am not a flamboyant performer with face paints, a cross gender dress code (debateable??) and a telephone on my head. However, with such radical changes to the music industry in recent years, (the opportunities of self promotion for artists through Youtube, Facebook and affordable distribution for ones music on sites such as Tunecore) artists such as myself have a new freedom of expression. To create music that transcends format or convention dictated by a previous industry.
I have therefore dedicated my personal time to production of my own and other artists music in an effort to take advantage of this new 'music' world order.

In 2011, I built myself a recording studio and set up a small independent record label on which I could release my first album 'Astral', since then I have worked with several artists on their projects as a composer, instrumentalist, vocalist and producer. In November 2012 I will be releasing a debut album 'Chocolate' from Australian Singer/Songwriter Mich. The first album that I will have completely Produced from my studio. I have also recorded soundtracks, sync music, voice reels for actors and commercials, and produced music videos for Youtube content. I have created a fairly comprehensive library of music (circa 200 pieces all original) covering all genres and applications that is constantly being added to, as well as new songs and compositions from me as an Artist.

My mission in music as an Artist is to write and compose music that fulfills my artistic and creative impulses. As much as a I seek new and contemporary ideas in the music I create, I often look back to the genesis of musical expression and work on ideas of fusion between 'classical' influences and my modern aspiration of where I want music to go. Influence is an ever changing catalyst for new ideas and so the music I am writing currently is as varied as I allow my imagination to be. The result is... whatever the listener interprets, I don't seek to dictate, I simply seek to express in hope that listeners will appreciate the expression.

As a composer, my ambitions are to create music for TV, Film and Multi Media Applications. I play several core instruments (Guitars, Bass, Drums, Piano) and have strong skills in harmonisation, arrangement for strings and orchestra. I work well to 'sounds like' briefs and have a comprehensive sound library in my studio to create pretty much any type of music.

I am now looking to take my music to the next level and obtain publishing for my songs and compositions. As much as I have tried to make efforts in the business side of things, I realise that my strengths are in making the music and subsequently I am seeking representation from a Manager also.


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