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People always ask, especially bar-owners, what kind of music do you play? I even wrote a song about it (on the “Neverchange” CD called ‘The Good Kind’). I always think of myself as a bluesy rocker, with country influences. I’m a songwriter, and a fan of great songs no matter what their genre. A lot of people think I’m a country artist, but people who like Nashville country are always disappointed because I’ve never heard the songs (or artists!) they’re requesting. I’ve always leaned toward what some call “outlaw country” – Waylon, Willie, Billy Joe Shaver, Jerry Jeff, Haggard, and Cash, the Hanks - Sr. & Jr. Songwriters like John Prine, Guy Clark, Todd Snider, Lyle Lovette, Jason Boland, Hayes Carll, Cody Canada…these are the guys that influence a lot of what I do. I also grew up in the 70’s so I like BTO, Skynard, Springsteen, Beatles, Stones, Allman Bros., Floyd, ZZ Top, and all that classic rock stuff.
When people ask, I currently call my music Texamericana Y’Allternative. It combines a lot of elements, and audiences are diggin’ it.

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Billy Bourbon-Vocals/Guitar, Greg Babineaux-Drums, Guy Schwartz-Bass
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Billy Bourbon
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Rock / Y'allternative / Texamericana

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Houston, TX

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