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Stay at Home Mafia is a punk band based out of Tampa, Fl. Punk styling is of course, rowdy, hyper, and answers to no authority. Fuck your MTV, all we want is our ANARCHY!!! We have both a Myspace and a Facebook, with an official ".com" page coming soon. We recently picked up a new guitarist (Johnny Negative) and a new drummer (Matty Negative) and can't wait to get back to playing live shows!

Jonny The Snitch - Song writer and vocalist. Jonny likes to bring a lot of energy to the stage. Trying to keep alive what the essence of punk truly is, writes song with the high paced tempo that all punk rockers love, but with more of a twist. A comedic twist is brought into these lyrics to truly get the fans rallied up during the show.

Lillith Vain - The beautiful and talented Lillith Vain. Yes, that's right, not just a pretty face but a true punk rocker! The lovely miss Lillith Vain is also a member of the following: Suicide Girl, Crypt Girl, Beelzababe, Rockstar Inc, Spider Vain Founder/Bass Player, Genitorturers Performer Presenter/Performer Hard Music Awards, Room Full of Strangers/Performer, InVainSion/owner/choreographer, Vaudevillains Burlesque, Les Vixens Burlesque, Frankie's Fresh Fish Market, Spikey and the AfterMidnights, LV Productions, InVainSion

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Jonny the Snitch(Vocals), Chachi Sickboy(Guitar), Lillith Vain(Bass), Johnny Negative(Guitar), Matty Negative(Drums)
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Stay at Home Mafia
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Rock / Punk Rock / Hardcore

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Tampa, FL