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"What do you get when you mix Wiz Khalifa and Asher Roth in a rap mixing bowl? Well, we're not quite sure either, but we'd bet the house that it's something along the lines of Norfolk, Nebraska's own MC Gringo. Calling himself the "Dopest White Boy That You've Ever Met" and standing as a proud pot head, this buckaroo is far from half baked when it comes to dropping boot-clanking rhymes.
Though he caters to your average 13-20 year-old city slicker, he won't steal any Justin Bieber fans with his "I don't give a f*ck" attitude. Rather, he's looking to put Nebraska on the map with over 11,000 MySpace fans and nearly 2,000 Facebook groupies, uh, we mean, "supporters." Having performed in spots with 300 or more concertgoers corralled, this kid is working to get his buzz up like some morning chow.
Taking some inspiration from Wu-Tang Clan with a hipster sound on "C.R.E.A.M.", you can hear Gringo boast "Kicked off probation, now I'm facing an extension/And the drugs'll will either get me a Grammy or intervention/I'm from Nebraska but I ain't afraid to represent/'Cause I'm the dopest white boy that you ever met/And I'm a pothead, but that's probably evident/Facing drug charges because the rules look better bent/Dope sh*t, and you that same wack dude/Got a couple people even got my name tattooed!"
But it's not just that "C.R.E.A.M." that has us scooping up Gringo as a "True Grit" spitter, it's two-gun combo of dreamer ambitions and his willingness to step to any disbeliever if put to the test. Need an example? Peep the track "Feel Like I Do" where he raps, "They tried calling me fake, but who they act like now/Telling me I ain't the sickest kid in rap right now/I can really tell you're lying out your a** right now/I got a couple thousand people you can ask right now!"
Gringo will write rhymes while he simultaneously "writes b*tches' numbers down" and takes no shame or pity in catering to his underground following. In a rap game where dope lyrics and rappers barely over the drinking age are "in", we're co-signing this sundance kid."

-- SOHH.com
-- http://www.sohh.com/2011/03/18.html

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Michael James Aufenkamp, Jr.
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Gringo the MC
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Houston, TX

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