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In the bowels of the giant super volcano which wiped out all life on the Earth 10,000 years ago, A skull-shattering power chord blasted forth and shattered... uh... everything's skulls. From the fires of that great metal eruption was born... *poignant gong sounds*.... Death. Ape. Disco.

Having wiped out all life with their own creation, playing shows to an audience of charred corpses, burning vegitation and boiling seas, Death Ape Disco retreated into the Death Lair, Where it has lain dormant until, sensing the impending destruction of the Earth in 2012, it has risen again (quite slowly and in a bit of a grumpy mood) to shred the testicles (or equivalent genitalia) of all in earshot.

Inexplicably followed by an army of monkeys with which they have no possible way to comunicate, Death Ape Disco travel the lands (Brighton) Melting Faces with their rock.

On a slightly more serious note, whilst in no way admitting the above is even slightly untrue, Death Ape Disco is a hard rock/alternative/metal band with elements of grunge and influences ranging from bands such as Black Label Society, Alice In Chains, Tool and Vision of Disorder to Down, Crowbar and Nothingface. Death Ape Disco’s current line-up formed in Brighton, East Sussex, in the United Kingdom in 2011 (Shit, I mean 8000BC). The band is composed of Rob Rainford(Vocals) (Stone Giant), Kit Brice(Vocals, Guitar), James Boulstridge (Guitar), Sam Curtis (bass)(Stone Giant, Desert Monkey, Quantum Bigfoot) and Harry Lehane (drums).

Death Ape Disco have played many gigs around Brighton in the last year where they have recieved a warm reception and some great reviews. They are constantly writing and recording new material including the new tracks Suffocate and Kingdom Of Others Years and They're always battling the evils of being broke as fuck by trying to produce the best sounding tracks they can on a budget of dreams, overconfidence and lovable roguishness (not a word? IS NOW!). Check out the News feed for more info. Alternatively visit www.facebook.com/deathapedisco or the fuck ton of other links scattered around here for all new tracks, videos and news.

Their new album, Supervolcano is out now.


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Robert Rainford (Vocals); Kit Brice (Vocals, Guitar); James Boulstridge (Guitar); Sam Curtis (Bass); Harry Lehane (Drums)
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Death Ape Disco
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Rock / Metal / Hard Rock

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Brighton, UK

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