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NOTE Re-Creation have undergone changes. For one, Chris Grennon is no longer a member of Re-Creation, due to his car crash in 2010, and Mike Doten has left the band for other reasons. Details below. Re-Creation have new bass player & drummer, which were picked by the band founder, Jim Abbott..
In the past, all members of Re-Creation were full members of NYDM (New York Death Militia), Upstate New York Chapter, a worldwide metal club and family ~ The largest metal club in the world.
Chris is retired from NYDM, due to injuries, which is also why he stopped drumming for Re-Creation.

Troy, NY, neatly nestled in the Hudson Valley, Collar City and home of Uncle Sam, is where Re-Creation hails from. Located on the armpit of the USA, the city of Troy and its surrounding cities has not only inspired the people of old, but inspires the band as well.


Re-Creation entwine a rare combination; a metallic maelstrum, dabbed with a King Crimson-like progressive asymmetry, topped with a bit of melody. Vocally speaking, with Jim's guttural growls, mixed with Chris' lower/higher Nevermore-like power-heaves, there's a rare vocal chemistry here. Re-Creation emote visions of suffering, myth, death, and strength through pain. Propelled by guitarist Jim Abbott in 1995, and with the addition of Attica's ex-lead vocalist, Chris Grennon, behind the drums, and Mike Doten on bass, they have established a death/thrash, progressive style, but gave it a breath of new life. They receive rave reviews in Europe, and were well received in Puerto Rico. Keep an eye out.

UPDATE: Chris had to leave Re-Creation, due to his car crash in 2010. He had to quit drums (for now), due to severe injuries. However, Chris is going back to lead vocals in a new project.
It was hard for Chris to leave Re-Creation after 12 years. Mike Doten no longer plays bass either. They have formed a new band. As for Re-Creation ...
Re-Creation founder Jim Abbott is working with a new drummer, and a new bass player, Matt. Info updated soon.

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Chris Grennon: drums, some lead vocals. Jim Abbott: guitars, lead vocals. Mike doten: bass
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Metal / Progressive Metal / Death, thrash metal

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Troy, NY