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A peruvian musician with a lot of influence from rock post hardcore and indie genres.
Between 2006 and 2007 he and is friend Alfi(Alfredo Sandoval) form the band Sound Attack with Alfi has the lead singer and rhythm guitar, on the drums Lasho(Lazaro Salas) and on bass Jorge Guizado.

It was a punk rock band that never went to far because of the differences between the members, in fact they just made one song about the bass player. most of the time they were playing covers from bands like Matchbook Romance, Sum 41, The Offspring, etc.
In the middle of 2007 the band splits because each one started with studies, work, etc.
Sandro is still in contact with all the members and when he travels back to Peru they meet together to jam.

Close to the end of 2007 he starts a friendship with Paula de la Cueva and in june 2008 they formed a band with she as the lead singer and he as the lead guitar, in bass was a guy named Christian and on drums his friend Guillermo Alarco, after a few weeks jamming Christian had to leave the band for personal motives. After some week Guillermo's brother Fernando decided to join the band and then Guillermo's School friend Arturo Jessen joined to. Because of the lead singer being a girl, Sandro wanted to be something between Paramore and Flyleaf, after some time playing together they were asked to be part of the Quantum Fest with the unofficial name of The Wail of the Banshee,this event was kind of post hardcore cover concert but this was cancelled, postponed and stuff because of the bad management and for that and many other reasons the band decided not to be part of it.

To be continue... XD

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Sandro Ventura
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Mississauga, ON, CA