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I'm an autodidact Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Producer, Poet and Engineer from the United Kingdom. I am unsigned and also an independent artist and Musical entertainer in my own right.
Music is my entire life and began with singing at two years old, before I spoke.
I would potter around on other peoples pianos, guitars and instruments from a very early age and felt to get more into teaching myself when I was nine years old. I began by learning cover songs and pieces of music that I really loved by ear, as many as I could learn and I learnt them very quickly. I discovered that I was learning pieces of music and songs so very fast off the cuff that i had built up an immense repertoire by a year onwards. I began to feel more imaginative and passionate about the Music that I felt to start composing and writing my own songs and pieces of music when I was ten years old. I began with writing a blues piece and a love ballad at the time, from my recollection. As time progressed I was beginning to find I was writing and composing all genres and styles of Music, whatever I felt really.
When I would compose and write something, I would always hear it like it was a full tape playing inside my head, so I always knew how I would want my songs and the pieces of Music to sound like. I joined a few bands throughout going to college and found I was playing different instruments for different style bands, such as, drums for the blues band, trumpet and keys for the big band and drums, trumpet and keys, percussion and singing for the salsa band, whichever they and I wanted to play at the time. When I was about eleven, because I could play so many cover songs and pieces if music by ear and because was writing means composing my own, I felt to try playing other instruments by ear also. So I remember a guy just pointing out eight on the high hat, a simple one and five in the kick drum and a three and seven hit on the snare drum. Afterwards, consequently I sat down, played that and began to just naturally play more rhythmic beats on it near on straight away. So I realised I had a passion for picking up instruments and playing them. So a few pointers on the guitar and I was playing rhythm guitar like it was another thing for me, although I find it to be my third instrument probably. I used to be in brass bands also, and if you can play the trumpet, you can play the cornet and flugal and tenor horn etc because they're all in the same key and have the same fingering the only difference is the size of the mouthpiece. I don't play brass anymore, haven't played guitar for years, nor drums but I'm sure I could still do so, you never forget. Of course my primarily instrument is the piano, keyboard and my voice.
I have written some songs on the guitar several years ago now and I'm not even sure if I can remember how they go now! You find you write so much you end up forgetting what you've written, it's pretty crazy but Music is most certainly my life and to be good at playing an instrument whether you have natural talent or not you still have to practice on hell of a lot, several hours of dedication a day and if you can't do it one day then you have to really make up for the next by doing it all day and night if you got to and you can do so. It requires immense dedication to practice and practice and a whole lot of patience to do. I am a perfectionist with my Music and no matter even if it is a final mix, I will still not think that it's all good enough, there will always be something that I don't like about something but I think that's going to be the same for anybody out there really.

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