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Yo what's good. It's ya boi Freeze, an up and coming artist from San Diego. It all started for me when I was 5 years old, I played the drums at my uncle's church. A 5 year old playin for all those people... I held it down tho. I was attracted to music right of top, different sounds and concepts. I was really interested in knowing what these musicians were talkin about and how they put the music together to create a complete song. When I was eleven I started writing my own songs, and as time went by I built my own studio and start doing shows and collabing with local artist and producer's. Now I'm the PRODUCER, PERFORMER, WRITER, AND ENGINEER U FEEL ME. I have a serious passion for music so if there's any artist out there that breathe music like I do, you should get at me and let me know what you trying to do. Time waits for nobody, the time is now yaw. Show me some love and support and I'm going to do the same. Leave a comment or a message... become a fan, Holla at the Frozen!!! One love.

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Freeze - Vocals
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Hip Hop / R&B/ Producer/ Engineer

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San Diego, CA