Hillbilly Orchestra / Bio

Mongo Smith:
(Uses Shure wireless, plays DEAN guitars and wears
Dickies brand clothing)
Lead Vocals and the fattest of the hillbillies!
He sings like a bear with a thorn in his foot and
sweats like a sumo wrestler in a sauna...
but a warning, if you get to close he will give you a
big hug and a kiss!
Don't let his gigantic size fool you, he's a teddy bear.

Randy Blackwell plays various guitars ,played with Defcon a metal
band from the Dallas scene... .

Ray Blackwell . plays guitar he is the youngest of all the hillbilly,s and the best looking

Orion on the drums is a life long friend of Mongo's he wear,s dickey clothing........and likes all kinds of food..

Motown plays green string'd Ibanez basses to match his beard. He has taken on, AND WON, a Man vs. Food challenge.

Rush, Pantera, Led Zepplin, ZZ-Top, Motorhead and many others
Sounds Like:
.. ZZ-Top on steroids and force fed fried food.
Throw in a slight metal and a bluegrass thing, and there ya go!
Imagine Lynard Skynard and Rage Against the Machine having kids together.
Each song sound instantly familiar and you can't help but hollar
and act-a-fool. Crack open a cold-cheap beer and join
the BUBBALUTION. We also do a lot of good ole rock and roll.....songs like
1 st set
1 thunderbird
2 jailhouse rock
3 waiting on the bus
4 jesus just left chicago
5 blue jean blue
6 squeeze box
7 tube snake boogie
8 she got the jack
9 sunshine of you're love
10 la grange
2nd set
1 midnight Ryder
2 cheap sunglasses
3 too rolling stone
4 my way ///// fear
5 moto psycho drum solo
6 mother love bone /burn
7 im yo bubba / whiskey rock and roll
8 beer drinkers
9arrested for driving blind
10 w tush /wind cries mary
3 rd set
1 pearl necklace / she's all right some kind of wonderful
2 bridge of sighs / bobby maggee
3 born to be wild / the breeze
4 cowboy song /let me stand next to you,re fire
5 its only love / stuck in the middle with you
6 eab blues rock jam
7 higher ground
8 gimió all yo lovin

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Mongo Smith
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Hillbilly Orchestra
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Rock / Metal / rock and roll

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Dallas, TX
Mongo pro

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