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Sparrowbox is punk. Sparrowbox is power. Sparrowbox is pop. Sparrowbox is vocalist and visionary JP—member of legendary Dallas bands Bobby Soxx, NCM, Quad Pi, and The Telefones—owner of Kitchen Studios—producer/performer for Dallas rap and hip-hop performers like rapper, Dirty PeePee Boy—bolt of lightning, slipstream, super-shiny hyperkinetic love child of David Bowie and Iggy Pop. Sparrowbox is Mark McCrocklin. He. Beat. Drums. Loud. Master of furious swing, former glam rocker, current power hitter, you WILL feel his beats. Sparrowbox is Dave Prez, bass incarnate, bass karma, bass Buddha, bass player of Mildred, Fever in the Funkhouse, and Bryan Wakeland, slinky, heavy, omnipresent king of thunk. Sparrowbox is Phil Bush. After a brief journey to outer space, Phil returned to Dallas to rearrange the molecules of blues, pop, cow punk, and jazz from White Lightning, Attention Shoppers, Princess Tex, Whiteman, and the Enablers into Martian guitar and astro-tones.

Sparrowbox. Pure music for freaks.

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Rock / neo-classic psychadelic

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Dallas, TX
MC Echo - booking email pb4567string@yahoo.com