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One of the most promising up and coming artists in the world of hip-hop is the artist R-syn. Influenced by some of the most widely known musicians in hip-hop including Tupac, Outcast and Jay Z, R-syn has been able to combine this sound into a diversified beat that's both unique and dynamic. Other influences consist of old-school bands and artists such as Earth, Wind and Fire to the legendary Bootsy Collins.

In addition to being a musician, R-syn also has a firm grasp and understanding regarding the business side of the industry and acknowledges that there is a lot more to being a performer than just playing music. It takes talent along with a firm comprehension of promotion, and a good dose of hard work plus persistence to make it, and there can be no question that R-syn has all these attributes.

This is unquestionably one of the most versatile performers to come along in many years, and this is apparent when listening to his unique sound. What makes this impressive is the fact that R-syn has a tremendous command of applying the music to lyrics regardless of the genre, and even more impressive is that it's done completely by ear and feel without necessitating sheet music.

Hip-hop has been in existence now for well over 20 years, many feel that it has started to become oversaturated and the uniqueness has taken a backseat to producing music in volume. However, with R-syn, originality and creativity is a driving force and this becomes apparent to anyone taking the time to listen to this great artist's fresh and dynamic approach to hip-hop.

For music lovers seeking a sound that is both fresh and on the forefront of today's sound, take full notice that this particular emerging musician will be leading the way, not just now but for many years to come.

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