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The Portal weaves together live-music, cinemantography, lighting and performance to create an epic, mythological journey into the heart of humanity.
Epic rock, infused with tribal and body-shaking beats, takes the audience on a visual journey through deserts and mountains--and through fractal fire, water and love.

PLOT: Come with us as Dante, lured by the words and visions of a mysterious and compassionate woman, travels into the strangest and most beautiful realms of the desert. Along the way, he must confront a variety of characters--archetypes who are reflections of his own troubled but determined mind. As you, the audience, accompany Dante on his quest, you will be rocked and rolled, awed and entranced, broken and healed. For, ultimately, The Portal does not bid you enter the house of its wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind.

Inspired by such forces as Joseph Campbell, Kahlil Gibran, Burning Man, Pink Floyd, and the earliest rituals of mankind, The Portal is the creation of a living and communal mythology about our modern-age.

The Portal has been described by audiences as "amazing...fun...mind-blowing and transformative."

After finishing its first tour through numerous, western cities in the US, The Portal is about to release its first album to the publick in October and will resume touring again through major, US cities in the Winter and Spring.

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Xavier Onassis: Vocals. Gilly Gonzalez: Drums. Jon Souza: Guitar. Lisa Wimburger: Dance. Tierro Lee: Composition and Score. The Aurignacian: Director,
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The Portal
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Other / Cosmic Rock Opera / Multi-media dance and rock concert

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Boulder, CO