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Raised in Edmondson Village on the west side of Baltimore, Maryland, Tombstone’s style is heavily influenced by pioneering hip hop legends like Rakim, LL Cool J, Big Daddy Kane and Public Enemy. Mr. Deadman began exploring the art of rap at the age of 13, on a dare that he couldn’t do it. That dare started a career and Tombstone honed his craft and went on to perform locally in various talent shows and clubs including the Talking Head in his hometown.

Rising to another challenge, Da Deadman began to produce his own tracks when his former producer decided abruptly to quit the industry. Tombstone worked tirelessly to teach himself how to use recording equipment and compose beats.

Intrigued by the production side of the music industry, Mr. Deadman stepped away from the performance arena to concentrate on polishing his composition, production and engineering style. Only deciding to perform again when tagged on YouTube and challenged to make a video showcasing talent. Once again, he rose to the challenge and began to develop a YouTube following as “RationalWarrior”. Through his channel he shares his feelings on the destructive nature of religion both through video editorials and rap.

Tombstone’s recent recording “Poison” was highlighted on the “The Atheist Experience” after a fan shared the song with the show’s host, Matt Dillahunty on Facebook. His current album “Rise of the Infidel” highlights his passion for true hip hop and stays true to the basic principles of that art form’s culture. Through his art, Tombstone will continue the quest to promote skeptical thought and critical thinking.

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