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Ravings Of A Madman

Ravings Of A Madman is a 3 piece band that conveys unparalleled emotion through
their words and music. They have the ability to take the horrors of life that many
can’t face as well as the beauty that makes our existence worth living and turn it into
something tangible that every listener can relate too. Their sound takes you across
the emotional spectrum that is life and within their music lies a diversity that is not only
powerful but seductive.

Ravings Of A Madman was formed in 2004 and over the last 7 years they have
changed, grown, expanded their ideas and created an eclectic combination of metal,
hard rock, acoustic and more. Through their diversity they express the highs and the
lows of life, the tragic and the beautiful of our existence is the inspiration behind the

Musically they are a force to be reckoned with. Jeremiah ‘Madman’ Hammon is the
vocalist as well as the guitarist for Ravings Of A Madman. His unique vocals are a
combination of soulful force and intense emotion that express’s his innate ability to
cross the thresholds of genres that normally define and limit other bands, but only adds
to the complex individualism that defines Ravings Of A Madman.

Bass player and vocalist Rick Mundt throws down bass riffs that show his dedication
to his craft. He pulls at your essence with every note, layering emotion, technique, and
inherent creativity into every song. He has a cathartic effect that is hypnotic and defining
at the same time.

Nick Helmling is the final piece of this formidable band. By setting his drums to the
tempo of life he has an innate ability to capture humanities inner madness. His drum
prowess comes from determination and utter devotion to his trade. Every strike of wood
to drum brings forth a sound that resonates to your core.

By combining melodic undertones and fierce energy, Ravings Of A Madman saturates
music lovers with life, allowing you to experience the good in life, the bad, and
everything in between.

Dominating the local scene with hundreds of shows and expanding out to surrounding
states, Ravings of a Madman has played for thousands of fans, in many cities and
opened shows for bands such as: Devildriver, Kitty, Kataklysm, Misery, Hostility,
Hemlock, Five Foot Thick, Single Bullet Theory, Hatepiece, L.A. Guns and more. The
only band to be put on the bill for the Northwest Jagerfest “Stomping Through the
Rockies” was Ravings of a Madman.

Started as a way to diversify the stage show, Ravings of a Madman has busted
out acoustic guitars and changed up their stage presence. The Acoustic Madman
unexpectedly erupted as a second project to further the appeal to the crowds and open
up a whole new world of music and creating a totally unique fanbase. Giving back,
Ravings of a Madman hosted a Hurricane Katrina Benefit raising $2500 for the Red
Cross of Montana. The talent and determination of Ravings of a Madman will put this
band on top.

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Band Members
Madman-Guitar Vox Mace-Bass B-Vox -Nick-Drums
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Ravings Of A Madman
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Metal / Rock / Thrash Metal

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Portland, OR

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