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Hear the name “Burning Human” and your brain likely cooks up some harsh, literal images: monks on fire, people leaping from blazing buildings—you get the idea. Where Troy, New York’s Burning Human is concerned, however, the name just as well suits the creative firestorm that lights the band’s on-again, off-again 14-year path. With its long-awaited full-length debut, appropriately titled Resurrection through Fire, Burning Human makes good on both points: The album’s mere existence is a testament to the band’s inner mounting flame, while the songs within are a veritable feast of napalm for the ears.
Produced and mixed by death-metal guitar legend James Murphy (Obituary, Death, Testament, Disincarnate), who also lays down a handful of solos, Resurrection through Fire is a master’s class in velocity, groove and blunt-force trauma. Certainly, having acclaimed Shadows Fall drummer Jason Bittner on the kit raises Burning Human’s penchant for rhythmic destruction, but having literally years to refine their craft (some of Resurrection’s tracks first germinated in the band’s early days) also has Burning Human collectively crushing all comers.
“It feels amazing to have these songs recorded—and recorded well—after all this time,” says Bittner, who co-founded Burning Human in 1995 with bassist Jay VanDervoort, guitarist J. Sunkes and vocalist Jonah Radaelli. (Second guitarist Mike Stack joined shortly after the February 2007 recording of Resurrection through Fire.) “We always regretted that we didn’t have our material documented on a ‘real’ recording, so as frustrating as it was to wait this long to do it, we’re all at such higher levels musically now that the songs sound even stronger.”

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Jason Bittner, Jonah Radaelli, Jay VanDervoort, Mike Stack
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Burning Human
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Metal / Death Metal / Hardcore

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Troy, NY
Rev. Dave Ciancio for Yeah! Management