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The Master Musicians of Joujouka are Sufi trance musicians most famous for their connections with the Beat Generation and the Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones. These musicians hail from the village of Joujouka, aka Jajouka or Zahjouka (spelled جوجوكة or جهجوكة in Arabic) near Ksar-el-Kebir in the Ahl Srif mountain range of the southern Rif Mountains in northern Morocco.

The Master Musicians were first introduced to the Beat generation painter Brion Gysin by Mohamed Hamri in 1951. Hamri was a painter from the village and nephew of a former leader of the Master Musicians. he devoted much of his life to promoting the music of his family.
In 1967 and 1968 Hamri connected with Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones. In July 1968 Jones came to Joujouka and recorded the Master Musicians. The resulting LP which was released 2 years after Jones death in 1969 was called Brian Jones presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka. It was the first release on Rolling Stones Records.
Two further LPs were released in the 1970s.

The Master Msuicians of Joujouka released 2 CDs in the 1990s, Joujouka Black Eyes and Sufi. In 2006 Boujeloud was relased.

In 2008 DJ Spooky used tracks from Boujeloud on his Sounds Unbound CD for M.I.T., mixing the Masters with Marcel Duchamp and Hans Arp.

In July 2008 the Master Musicians celebrated the 40th Anniversary of Brian Jones' recording in the village by hosting a festival in his honour.

The festival is now an annual event that allows visitors to visitors to stay in the village and experience the true sound and performance of the Masters in their own village.

A DVD and CD recorded and filmed at the Brian Jones 40th Anniversary Festival is currently in production and will be released in early 2011.

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Band Members
Ahmed El Attar drums, El Kahil Radi drums, Mustahpa El Attar drums, Ahmed Bouhsini rhiata (RIP), Mohamed Mokhchan rhiata, Abdelslam Errtoubi rhiata, Abdellah Zi
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Master Musicians of Joujouka
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Folk / North African / Moroccan Sufi trance,

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Jajouka/Joujouka, MA