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When you are neglected, snubbed, insulted or even rejected and you are able to thank God for the experience, accepting it is allowed by Him for your spiritual development, for THAT IS VICTORY. When you are seeking to serve Him faithfully and you find yourself criticised severely for the way you do it and you accept the criticism patiently for His sake, THAT IS VICTORY.. Such a VICTORY can only be won in the yieldedness of self to Christ. Thanks be to God who causes us to TRIUMPH through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Working on an Album 'IDENTITY'.This is about Fefe who has lived her life in an closed orphanage and had no clue what laid ahead of her in this big world. Her existence on Planet Earth seemed to be shaky in terms of worldy perceptions etc... mainly becoz of her incapability of not understanding their minds in many ways but that was then, she's has finally come to the point where everything makes sense, black and white n coloured yup well atleast in many ways thankfully to those angels that have crossed my path :) Opinions doesnt make any difference to her anymore coz her inborn instincts play out loud that she is special and made in the Image of God. Fefe's a person full of life, fun n humor n loves the best for others especially orphans and beleives only one thing that Love is all that matters... With the release of her songs, her desire and goal is to be a VOICE to those unfortunate ones especially in Bombay and somehow be a world changer in small ways with acts of love and kindness and where peace and love resides on earth as above whilst on the other side a fighter against Injustice as she doesnt tolerate abuse of any kind.. No way eva ...

Most of my lyrics comes from my diary that Ive written all throughout my earlier years and currently turning ashes to beauty through the songs that Ive written. ENJOY and GOD BLESS

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Minden, NW, DE

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