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Hi, I'm Robert Steven Hunt, I've just turned 60, I'm living in Reading, Southern England. I used to be a teacher of drama at a Secondary School in SE England, but now work as a project worker at a day centre for physically disabled adults (I love making a difference in peoples lives). I enjoy playing the piano keyboard for my own pleasure and sometimes play during worship sessions in my Church. I have been composing music for the piano keyboard for a number of years but I have only recently begun to share my music with a wider audience since April 2010. I have been greatly influenced by the world of film and television theme music. I would describe my style as being a mixture of classical piano and orchestral music. Indeed it is my ambition to hear my music performed by a full orchestra, just as I hear it in my head when I compose. I do not write any of my music down in notational form but I am blessed with a good memory. The quality of the recorded sounds are only limited by the equipment that I am currently using. The musical themes on this site are only samples of my music and are designed to give a brief flavour of the melodies that I am capable of recording. In the past I have composed a number of themes to order, according to the needs of a particular client. I hope that you enjoy the music and that you will join as a fan on this site.

Since 15th September 2012, I took the decision to upgrade my membership to Reverbnation.com. I have therefore been able to accept more people on my mailing list and I have been able to add a number of new music tracks to my collection of original piano compositions. You might like to listen to ......

"Eira's theme" (new orchestral version) using my new Roland Fantom G6 Keyboard. A longer version of this favourite!

"The Nazarene" (new instrumental) inspired by a recent trip to the Holy land. (Also recorded on a Roland Fantom G6).

"Armageddon" (orchestral) experimental music, part one of a suite of new music (quite a new dramatic piece).

"Comes a Mighty King" (orchestral strings) part two of the suite (softer gentle orchestral strings) a soothing piece!

A further third piece of music will be composed to mix both of these new themes together in a dramatic climax to the music!

"The Beauty of it all" is my first venture into composing music set to words. This song originated in the USA with words written by Charles Mathers. I was asked to set the words to music. A very good friend of mine in England Colin Preston agreed to help with the song and to sing the vocal version for me. Colin recorded the song and has also produced a wonderful video of the song which is now available on my youtube channel (robertstevenhunt).

In January­ 2013 further compositions were ­added to the e­ver growin­g list of ­musical tr­acks, including "Water-­meadow daw­n". The music was writ­ten follow­ing a walk­ that my w­ife and I ­took near ­a water-me­adow in Sa­ilsbury, En­gland duri­ng the pre­vious summ­er. Other new editions to the range of music incl­ude "Dark­ is the ni­ght" (which explores the theme that life has many dark moments when we are challenged but search for hope and try to find the answers to all our problems) and "My­ beloved" (which explores the theme of Love in its most highest form). Further new compositions are under construction for 2014 including a song "Now that you're gone" commissioned by Mel Barnett for Sagareka Deb (a singing artist in India), a new melody with a working title of "Enchanting Melody" and a new Jazzy piece of music which may be suitable for a television series that I have recently become involved in through my drama experience. I hope that you will enjoy the new music tracks (as well as some of the old ones of course) and continue to enjoy listening to my relaxing piano music for many years to come.

I have been extremely busy planning my long awaited debut album "EAGLE MOUNTAIN." I recorded nine completely new versions of my most popular piano tracks in September 2013. Chris Mitchell (Music-Box Productions, Reading) professionally recorded the album & orchestrated each track. The album launched in MARCH 2014 it's a beautiful & stunning leap forward in studio quality. You can buy the CD direct from me or the album is also available as a download from


Downloads from all good online retailers (cdbaby.com, iTunes, Amazon mp3, HMV, Spotify).

I would like to thank everyone who has supported my music by becoming a fan and joining my mailing list. I really appreciate it. Your comments have been really amazing and I have been so humbled by them, it means a lot to me when I get such positive feedback about the music. Thank you for joining my music websites and social media networks! All the links to my sites can be found on my reverbnation artists page.
(Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud, Soundclick, Fandalism, MySpace and of course Reverbnation.com).

I am still on a very steep learning curve and regarding the future of my music development, I am sure that there is a lot more to come yet! Once again thank you so much for your wonderful support and interest in my original piano compositions and music. Stay tuned, the journey has only just begun! God Bless you! Rob.

Some Influences on my music include ......
Rick Wakeman (my all time favourite & hero). Richard Clayderman, Ludovico Einaudi, John Williams, John Barry, Henry Mancini, Mantovani, Burt Bacharach, Bert Kaempfert, James Last, Geoff Love and of course Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.
Church and Christian music!

Some of the Classical influences ......
Grieg, Beethoven (not the dog), Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Handel, Vivaldi, Saint-Saens, Strauss.

Music that I personally like .......
Libera, Abba, Cliff Richard, The Shadows, Russell Watson, Aled Jones, Bryn Terfel, Josh Groban, Tom Jones, Elton John, Phil Collins, Jeff Wayne, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Dire Straits, Jean Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield, Beatles, Queen, and ELO

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