Fantase ( Naghme ) Borhany is an independent recording artist from Stockholm Sweden. Originally from Shiraz, Persia.
Been writing her own lyrics and performing since 1998.
Worked with people like Megahertz ( google him to see his full profile )
Megahertz is the man behind her legendary song " Fu*k The Past "
She also worked with one of her favorite rap group( Bone Thugs ) producer "Teddy" from Marina Del Rey in L.A
" The music industry is at one of it's weakest point now , the real good artist with a great message never gets heard or promoted. full Most artist at the top today are unfortunately not even real, their flow
( auto tune ) , their style & image stolen or copied from someone else. I heard quite a few famous people trying to copy my flow & many girls copy my signature image, that i been rocking since 2006. Those people loose my respect automatically.I want my music to inspire you , not turn you're self into another me."
Fantase's unique crazy flow cannot be copied , many try to copy the flow she got in her songs like " Fantase Cry" but they fail , She raps about the hardships she been through , the spiritual side of life in english , persian and Swedish a unique blend you will never hear anywhere else .She performed on the Swedish crown princess Victoria's wedding day in front of thousands of people, Muscle Beach stage in L.A just to name a few of the places.Rocking the number 1 spot for over two years straight here on Reverbnation and number 6 on the U.K hip Hip charts for more then 6 months,Her dedication year after year are slowly but surely making Fantase a true vet in her field. Recently she was asked to feature in an international music video with the rap legend Kurtis Blow & Hotline where everybody raps in their native language . the song can be found here on Reverb & on Youtube under - ACE HIP HOP UNITED
Google Fantase B for more information

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