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Sara Kana was spawned in the heart of the Big Apple. Her first taste of the life she wanted to live was watching the RockSteady Cru and the NYC Breakers battle right in front of her eyes, and her father introduced her to this beautiful music we call: HIP HOP!. By this point she had began a close friendship with a lot of Hip Hop artists through the Lyricists Lounge. She began working with Underground Legends Jean Grae & Apani B. Fly Emcee. She went on to feature on Jean Grae’s first album “Attack of the Attacking Things” and was featured on Apani’s song Estrogen which also featured other up-coming female MC’s and was produced by DJ Spinna. Sara Kana has earned her stripes in the MC battle circuit by winning battles at Fight Klub and Grind Time New York. She is also a host for The End of the Weak as well as having won The MC challenge and Strongest Female MC in N.Y. award. The E.O.Dubb (as it is commonly referred to) is the longest running open mic in N.Y.C and is home to some of the most illustrious upcoming MC’s (including herself). The E.O.W. has played host to established artists such as KRS-1, DMC of Run DMC, Rhymefest and too many others to continue name dropping. While joining Grindtimenow.net back in "08" she made a internet name for herself as being apart of one of the largest battle leagues in the world and becoming the first lady of GTN. As host and event planner for GTN she has manged to share millions of views on the internet till this day. She regularly shares the stage with other upcoming artists such as Poisen Pen and Iron Soloman. SaraKana is what Hip Hop is missing. A TRUE Female Lyricist and Business women along the line of all the greats from MC Lyte to Lauryn Hill, and theirs nothing that the fellas appreciate more than a female MC that makes them go: “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Shit”. Presently Sara Kana is The Asst Manger of GTEC, Owner of Elite Female battles who set to have there first event in April of 2012. Sara is also the Social Networking manager at HRPonline.com. She first dropped the Rainbow Six Lockdown in 2006 and in "09" dropped the Sara Kana Chronicles on the internet for free download. Expect more from the Queen of Hip Hop soon!

Sara Kana – Lets be real, if it wasn’t for Sara Kana the female battle scene may not exist. I remember asking Cortez who the best female was in Fight Klub that we never heard of. He mentioned Sara, but didn’t know how to find her. I hunted her down on good ol’ myspace and told her SHE NEEDED to be a part of the GT movement. She was so excited! I remember when we released that freestyle/callout he did to Lady Luck/Reese Steele – I sent it to worldstar and everything went crazy. Sara battling Gattas was one of the most anticipated battles amongst our staff. Sara battling QB was the start of the new wave of female emcees. Sara has grown to be a close friend and confidant and will always be at my side going into the future. Um … I love you Sara … no homo.-DRECT FORMER C.E.O OF Grind Time - The World's Largest Rap Battle League

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