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Swaybone began as a pop and psychedelic guitar band in the late Eighties. In the early Nineties, the the band was influenced by the glorious flowering of grunge, post-punk and nu-metal.

Heavy riffs grafted to big melodic vocals became the chassis of the Swaybone vehicle. Then the question was, how to do something original with this musical formula? How to break out of the lyrical limitations of Nineties commercial hard rock: anger, depression and self-referentiality?

A creative break-through occurred for singer Theo Cedar Jones when he met his Guru, Heart Master Adi Da, in 2001.

Adi Da's wisdom and inspiration brought a variety of new lyrical life to Swaybone's music, including themes of light, liberation, devotion and prior unity.

In 2005, Theo offered Swaybone's third album, Sacred Anatomy, at the feet of Adi Da Samraj, during His historic stay at Mountain of Attention Sanctuary in Northern California. Theo experienced a unique blessing from his Master during the following couple of years in the form of a transformation of his singing voice. The strain of grunge gave way to a relaxed way of singing from "above the head". This new style can be heard on "Human cosmic blues" from their fourth album, Bones you can trust, in 2007.

Theo went on a hiaitus from the band in 2007 to serve Adi Da's mission, but continued to write and record new songs that expanded the new lyrical and singing approach. One of these songs was influenced by a book Adi Da completed shortly before his death in 2008, called "Not-Two Is Peace", a manifesto for saving the world through global cooperation, tolerance and prior unity.

In 2009, Swaybone reformed and created a new demo of songs from their upcoming fifth album, "Life on Earth". In 2010, Theo is joined by Kristofor Betchart on drums, and Rawn Wadley on bass and vocals, and Jasmine Montgomery on vocals. The band is planning to tour the West Coast, sell more copies of their new album and expand their audience to bring light and prior unity to as many people as possible.

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Theo cedar jones - Vocals, JASMINE - Vocals, Rawn - Bass, Eric olson - Piano, Trevor Cook - Drums
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Alternative / Universal sacred rock / commercial hard rock

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Oakland, CA

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