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Performer Name: ProzperaD (prosperity)

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Former Members of Bound 4 Glory Records.
Performed for Nike, Kobe Bryant, Lakewood Church. only doing Christian Music.


Ricardo Anthony Paul Jr. was born on September 8, 1979 in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Growing up in the areas known as the 7th ward and the 8th ward was not easy for him. Especially, given the fact that both of his parents adapted a drug habit. Married, but separated his mother was a single parent trying to make it in todays society. Being able to hold a steady job was difficult for her. Ricardo grew up mostly in his grandparents house and in houses of people he didnt even know. Shifting from house to house became a problem for school. So he started missing days because of this. Only by the effort of his grandparents Ricardo was kept in school.

When he was in the ninth grade he begin developing unique artistic skills. Through the years of grades nine through twelve Ricardo has overcome many endeavors. Being involved in an art organization for talented youth, Ricardo has explored his creative genes to a degree that he thought was impossible. His artwork has been getting him paid since he was fourteen years old. At the age of sixteen, his artwork was selected and presented in a very well known published book The International Book of Design. This book revolved around the world. Ricardo traveled the country at least four to five times a year during these years.

At the age of fifteen he acquired a best friend by the name of Samuel Trapp. Not long after the two started hanging together, Samuel introduced him to Christ. Ricardo was saved at the age of sixteen. Ricardo and everyone around him begin to notice a change in his speech, the way he carried himself and all his day-to-day activities. Soon after he began to live a life that was pleasing to God, his younger brother Josh was saved also. His mother started to see the changes in him and began to change her life around. Over the next few years, one by one, his whole family gave their lives to Christ.

Gospel music became a strong part of his life. He believes that listening to artists such as Donnie McKlurkin and Yolanda Adams strengthened his faith on a daily basis. Constantly reading the bible is what kept him so strong during hard times. His creativeness through his artwork began to pour into music. He was always trying to find a way to express his faith in various forms. Being involved in church was one of his strong points. He was a part of the youth ministry, one of the leaders for their singles ministry and also a minister in training. While being a deacon his love for souls was his only motivation. In this effort he began to try God in a different way. God said to prove him or try him and see if He will not come through that all things are possible. So amazed by the talents residing within Zeeda and Gifted, Ricardo made a statement to God. He said, God, if all things are possible, then I want to be able to rap. I want to minister to those Christians who are listening to secular music. To give them an alternative to whats being played on the radio. Also, being successful in win

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