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I'm a musician of 40 years & a proud US ARMY Infantry Veteran who happens to play piano, sax, guitar, bass and have been a singer since my very early years with the Miami Boys Choir. I'm in a band called ELECTRIC JELLIFISH and my works here are my solo efforts- get the whole "lonejellifish" thing now? ...lol
I've been influenced from almost every genre: jazz, opera, classical, rock, blues, progressive, hardcore, experimental, acoustic- pretty much everything!

In the 80's and early 90's I was in a local rock band "PUBLIC VANDALS" that used to torment all of South Florida- in a good way of course! If you went to local spots from Pat and and Mike's bar to Churchill's all the way up to the Agora Ballroom then you heard us! Since the early 90's- I've been playing in in a band ELECTRIC JELLIFISH with one of my best friends of 30yrs, Mike Hopkins, whom has been in every band with me since high school jazz band! Well... that's certainly the "cliffnotes" version of my music career so far.... to protect the names of the innocent!!

I hope you enjoy what you hear from my solo efforts and my CD/ songs are available for download!
Keep rockin', keep listenin' and support your local rock bands!!!

Please leave a comment when you swing by to say Hi!!

Thanks again for your support!


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Pete- All guitars, vocals, keyboards & backing vocals/guitar by Matthew Garwood on "My Angel" and background vocals by Norma Fines on "Dead in the Sand".
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Other / Instrumental / Acoustic Rock

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Tavernier, FL