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Born in Hartford CT and growing up in the small mill town of Rockville, Troy Joseph Curtis's music reflects a mixture of both urban and rural communities. From his self taught country-blues guitar style and soulful jazz vocals, to the urban beats he produces, Troy's music is a powerful cocktail of the makeshift and the eternal. Part African-American, French- Canadian, Cherokee and Scottish, this artist's patchwork past and wayward ways pour through his lyrics.
My fathers 50's-70's R&B/R&R band WGAF. The Grand Ole Opry while my mom cleaned the house. My aunt Nedies scat-singing while she cooked. My Autistic response to sound. Prince, Bowie, Cash, Costello, Nina, Ella, Jeff Buckley, Tori, Tribe, Muddy, Mingus, Moxy Fruvous, Wu-Tang, Bjork and Radiohead have all raised me as a musician.

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Troy Joseph Curtis - Vocals
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Troy Joseph Curtis
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Singer Songwriter / American Roots / Rock Jazz & Soul

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Austin, TX

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