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When I was told to write my bio I thought to myself “Wow, I have so much to say” I have so many good, bad and indifferent times to share with the world. There is so much pain and joy to share.

Of course I thought of talking about how I was born in the Bronx, raised in Harlem, Albany and Schenectady, NY; which is how my name came about from moving around constantly, hood to hood, block to block, experience to experience. Then I thought if I was to write something so important I wouldn’t want to overload it with the norm. Instead I would like to speak on what really matters because no matter where I was living at the time, music is what drove me thru! Music is what allowed me to have
Control Over All Satan’s Twisted Approaches!

With all the experience and knowledge to give, I sat down to write what I thought, and later would refer to as a bio-epic masterpiece. I realized that all I had been through was the push that had gotten me to this point and the future is now what counted. I realized things were just getting started!
I sat there at my desk, unable to write much; yet totally reminiscent of my past. Stuck for quite some time in what seemed to be a trance, when I was released I grabbed a sticky note and attached it to the note that was left for me and wrote what needed to be said, “Let the story begin”.

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