In 2009 Imperial Conquest recorded, and released a demo EP titled “The Victorious Arise”. This demo lyrically sets the stage of how the character from the upcoming “Omnipotence” album arises to his state of power in the first place, and explores his motives and obsessions with power and conquest. The band have already risen to local prominence by gaining a solid following and playing regular shows with some of Tampa’s most popular extreme metal bands and international acts such as Keep of Kalessin, Belphegor, Blackguard,Neuraxis, Gigan, and Psycroptic.
The band has released a mini album titled “Omnipotence” in 2010. The album will follow a fantasy/sci-fi lyrical theme of a conqueror that, no longer being content with ruling just this world, ascends to a higher state of thought and existence, thus reaching a state of omnipotence. Musically, this mini album will mark an expansion in the Imperial Conquest sound with faster songs, more diverse vocals, acoustic guitars, more dynamics, and more experimentation with the melodic black metal sound that has been previously hammered out and called their own. “Omnipotence” features modern black metal atmosphere and a fast, aggressive foundation mixed with slow, melodic passages accompanied by piano and acoustic guitars. The aim for this album is to achieve something unique for the name of black metal that will attain an international name for Imperial Conquest.

In 2011 drummer Cerberus departed from the band, Imperial Conquest found new drummer in Tzelmoth, a brutal yet technical drummer that gives the band a new sense of brutality and speed. Now Imperial Conquest is focusing on writing material for a debut full length, planning on recording early 2012.

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Titannus-Vocals,Melkor-Lead Guitars,Lord Tartarus-Guitars,Lokust-Bass
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Metal / Black Metal / Epic Metal

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Tampa, FL

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