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Pink started playing guitar and singing in 1990, opening for the Robert Abrams Experience new years eve '91, then taking it to the streets, especially Elm Street in Deep Ellum, finding a perfect spot at the Okowita Sheet Metal Shop storefront.Then the travel bug bit (and he got off probation) so he went to San Fransisco, then Knoxville and Chattanooga, playing music on street corners along the way.In Chattanooga, the plot thickened with stints playing indoors with the likes of the Mystery Cycle, Big Joe and the Young Turks, and Krispy Golden Brown.When Krispy and Brown left town(moving to Montana)Pink came back to Dallas, reuniting with Granada Liberation Front(post-Village Idiots theatre group) for Harsh Relmon & Rhythm Fish,then Trips to Win then progressing to Keep the Change and None of the Above.none of these acts could compare with what came next, however, because with Funk&Jones, Pink really found his voice .unfortunately the project was scrapped after a year on a whim.following the triumphs and despair of the breakup, Pink started a new outfit, featuring the lead guitarist from F&J(G Money), as well as a long time collaborator and lyricist(Todd Buckley).Buck Toddley & the Burning Question was undeniably a step away from the spotlight for Pink, a trend that would continue throughout the aughts.Continuing to play and sing in contemporary music church services, Pink continued to hone his skills and craft in Texas and Arkansas, until divorce drove him from the comfortable (though extremely challenging) church gigs back to secular music. Pink is back in town, not ignoring the streets and clubs that were his beginnings, but with an eye forward to future of high-toned gigs and musicians to play them with! After a couple of years as lead guitar for Cyn & Her SENSATIONS, he is Currently appearing with the Lucky McFuggerbys and The Cliff Blues,Funk&Soul Band ; you can catch The Pink weekly doing what he does!

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Currently appearing with The Cliff BluesFunk&SoulBand, Cyn & the Sensations, Leroy Shakespear's "CRAZYBRAIN", And Coctail Todd Buckley's "The Burning Question"
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The Pink
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Dallas, TX