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Unknown in the boxing community as "Earl Lee Tyson" and "Muhammad Ronnie", Ronnie Lee Daise was never allowed to participate in any matches. His skill in talking shit during sparring sessions was far too devastating. None of those who faced his mouth in the ring ever regained their confidence. So, without ever having thrown a punch, he was unofficially banned by every boxing organization known to man. (Check! We tried. They will neither confirm nor deny his existence.) Ronnie Lee Daise, a.k.a., "Mr Shock", a strange visitor from a parallel unique verse, quietly mastered his skill of slinging words more powerfully than a "Loco-ocean". He disses guys as "Dark Kent Eastwood, Dirty, Scary, More Hood". So, run for ass, run! Jamie Foxx has got a gun and he's stuck in that character with X-Ray's vision! Only Hexed Looser would dare get in the way of his missin'. So, don't be a hiccup in Zulu land, say something shocking to the man and get your breath freshened by some spear meant for just such an occasion. Some say his "Fort Diss" is solid, dude... and he resides in a "Bohemian Rap City". Who knows what mysteries lie within... Was he the King's write hand man? Who will challenge him? Who can? Enter The Lyricist.

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Ronnie Lee Daise / Associates
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Indie / Alternative / Spoken Word

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Bronx, NY