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GODLESS is a Black Metal band from Sabana Grande, P.R.( U.S.A.) formed in the winter of 1989. GODLESS was the first Black Metal band of Puerto Rico & one of the first Black Metal bands from U.S.A. Apart from its music; GODLESS is very known because of its extremely violent and sick shows featuring self mutilation, verbal/visual blasphemy and animal carcasses on stage. Those shows created great controversy and made the band to be banned many times. Because of this; In October, 31, 2007 they got a two page interview in the Puerto Rico's most famous newspaper,"El Nuevo Dia".

During 90's period; Lots of line-up changes happened til this present day along with lots of unreleased & official recordings. In 2000; Gröfaz a.k.a. Asaradel (Founder) moved to Pittsburgh, PA to join the band LETHAL PRAYER (Ex - Acheron / Incantation / Nocturnus / After Death / Morbid Angel Session Members band). After a while he moved back to Puerto Rico. In 2006; The album “Church Arsonist"was released by Rusty Axe Records(U.S.A.). This album featured the legendary Dana Duffey (DEMONIC CHRIST/ Ex - MYTHIC) on guest vocals. " GODLESS also featured in some other Rusty Axe Records releases as the "VON" tribute CD "Sacrifice At The Altar Of The Satanic Blood Angel"and a Rusty Axe Records Compilation CD (Volume 4).

In the year 2010; GODLESS got signed by Sabbath's Fire Records(France) and its last EP entitled "Therianthropic Lust" was released on a limited tape version. "Sabbath's Fire" is a True Underground Label that have Released material from The Best True Undeground Black Metal Bands as Akitsa(Can), Marblebog(Hun), Sombre Chemin(Fra), Ornaments Of Sin(Fra), Bilskirnir(Ger), Hunok(Hun), Nehemah(Fra), Striborg(Aus), Satanic Warmaster(Fin), Lycanthropy's Spell(Bel)and so on.

A new album entitled"Ingredere In Templum Satanae" will be out in CD format during this year 2012 by Bestial Invasion Records(Uk).Completely recorded by Gröfaz a.k.a. Asaradel with the help of some guest vocals and solos from the bands Dark Tribe(Ger) and Sinister(Netherlands)!

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Guest Musicians:
Bill"Belial"Koblak(Lethal Prayer/Acheron/Incantation/Nocturnus/Warkult) - Acoustic Guitars:"Akkad"("Adricanorum Dumaso" CD)
Dana Duffey(Mythic/Demonic Christ) - Guest Vocals:"Church Arsonist"("Church Arsonist"CD)
Peter Laustsen(When Nothing Remains/Nox Aurea/The Cold Existence/Rimfrost) - Guest Bass:"...For Satan"("Rusty Axe Records Compilation volume 4")
Herr Asmodeus(Wake To The Mourning) - Guest Vocals:"I Am Satan"("Therianthropic Lust"EP)

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Lord Asaradel - All
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Metal / Raw Black Metal / Black Metal

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Sabana Grande, PR
Gröfaz A.k.a. Asaradel

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