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So these fucking guys. Fucking Planeside. We'd been on tour for months and we'd had our fill of idiots. Shitty awful bands.

We go back to Burlington, a home of sorts. The promoter comes up, says "hey these guys left their guitars at home." Left their fucking guitars at home? Idiots. And Planeside had the fucking nerve to try to make friends with us without mentioning that they were without their guitars. Ugh.

The lanky stupid lead singer. The dumb ass Asian bass player. And worst of all, the guy who remembered his shit but stuck up for these morons, the drummer, he pretended everything was ok. The worst.

We lent them our shit. Or not. Don't remember, don't care. Couldn't stand them. Losers.

Then they got up there. And fuck.

This group of sub-moronic retards turned out to be the best fucking band we'd never heard that we'd ever played with.

Seriously. They vaporized us. Killed it. We stood in the crowd and exchanged non-stop glances like "damn" and "holy fuck" and "This deSTROYS."

They we're so good I forgot to drink!

I listen to them -- when i need inspiration -- to this day. Especially "Stars." And now I know they're just us, they're PTG ( Pilot to Gunner).

Now that I've reluctantly gotten to know them, they're super smart individually. As people, so fucking smart. But colossally stupid as a group...

They don't deserve it. They don't deserve to be this good.

So what I'm saying is... Fuck you guys for writing these songs. And I mean that. Especially you, Ken. But especially you, Craig. But ESPECIALLY you, Dave.

I can't believe it went from you amateurs begging to be hated to you guys FLATTENING THE ENTIRE ROOM.

In case I haven't made it clear...
I love your band.

And so should everyone else.

And I'm always right.

-Scott Padden/Pilot to Gunner

PLANESIDE is The relentless east coast trio that has been sweating it out in the trenches for the band's entire existence, continuing to do what they do best – deliver a devastatingly high-octane live assault, night after night to any conceivable venue that will book them. Over the past few years alone, Planeside has played every dump this side of the Mississippi, swapping spit with the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, The Strokes, Death From Above 1979, Helmet, Pennywise, The Steve Miller Band, Local H, Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots, sum 41, The Used & Dozens more. They've toured with the likes of Scott Ian (antrhrax), Gilby Clarke (Guns N Roses) & Page Hamilton (HELMET).
The essential formula -- a manic combustion of good old American rock n' roll and an underlying hip hugging groove, played with punk ferocity that will leave the hair standing on the back of your ass! The band's raw sound is turbulent yet sleek, and seems to reflect every aspect of Americana they've collided with amidst their journeys.
Released through Surreal Records - Planeside has cataloged a three-song demo, a 7" split-single, a self-titled EP, 2 full length albums "For Motion Discomfort" & "Milk" (released by Exotic Recordings & produced by Grammy Award winner John Seymour), a 6-song EP "Under The Circumstances, It's Not Such A Bad Idea" & coming in 2016- A NEW FULL LENGTH!!!
Keep your eyes, ears and mouth open, as Planeside continues to hit the road.

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Dave, Craig, Ken
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Purchase, NY
Sal Garcia

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