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The Named is a project of current RABBIT JUNK front man and ex-member of The Shizit JP Anderson. Intellectual property is the theft of ideas – so this music is fucking free! I don't own what happens in your head! The Named is committed to creating and releasing aggressive FREE MUSIC that challenges the conventions of the for-profit music system and concepts of intellectual property.
This album was recorded during the summer of 2009 in my home studio. Originally it was released as a new Shizit album,but the other ex-member of that now long dead project became pretty upset that I used that name and so I decided to change the handle of this project to The Named. “The Named” has meaning for me. It is a reference to concepts contained in the book “Decolonizing Methodologies” by Linda Tuhiwai Smith as well as a somewhat cheeky reference to the situation that brought about its adoption as the name for this project. In modern story-telling, “The Named” are those that have been called out, singled out, exposed, “otherized”, those existing in discord with some norm or cultural paradigm. Naming is power: Name a people, name a continent, name a feeling, and it is defined. Whoever does the naming has the power. If you want to challenge power, start with names. We live is a world of euphemisms: security, economy, freedom. Why are prisons, police, war, and violence termed “security” and who benefits most from that naming? Who is doing the naming? It's not you. But it should be. Naming is power, and the powerful jealously guard their stranglehold on naming. Choosing to call this band “The Named” speaks to this often unexamined method of social control.

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The Named
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Seattle, WA