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My People’s!!!!!!!
Look, straight to the point… no need for chasers. Music. Music, Music!!!!! Got it for you in Santa Cruz, Ca (Stay True), Watsonville, Ca (Zo-Funk) and damn sure got it back home in Smoklahoma. Basically what had happened was……umm….see….I love lyrics, beats, production and can’t get enough of it. So the people you see here and hear me with on tracks I consider my “NEW” extended family along with others who love it like I do (***disclamer***).
Short and Sweet of how I got here, my lil girl was born and raised in Oklahoma, moved here to Cali…..August 1999 --Here’s Earl ! Since that time, I have 2 new installments to my legacy, Lil Lee part 3 and my latest addition Sophizzle

When I got in California, I saw how much support people gave local artists and I wanted to feel that same love……..So, I weighed the options of being a fan or contributor to Hip Hop and came to this conclusion: A fan’s contribution is to make sure they keep artists on point and truthful. So Earl will be pulling a double shift, since I am a fan and artist!!!
I am my worst critic, basically: If I ain’t did it, no need to spit it…….. Now with all that said, listen to my music and tell me your thoughts, ideas, inner most desires……..ok, ok-maybe not the last one, but definitely hit me up and let me know what you think…bottom line is this………….GET AT ME…………………
Contact Info: Earls’ Music @ (831) 840-7879 Contact E-mail: earls_music@yahoo.com

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Lee, Earl and the Earl-A-riffics
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Lee Earl
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Rap / Hip Hop / Old School

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Watsonville, CA

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