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Lauren Agnelli, Matthew Male, Brian Wolfe, Rose Bengston, Rodney Maxwell

If you love acoustic stringed instruments, harmonies, and great singer-songwriter music (new and old), Amalgamated Muck is just the ticket.

from a fan:Joseph Nolet: So here's the truth-there's singers of folk songs,there's singer's that sing folk music and there's talkers that talk of folk song's...but not all of them are folksingers, and that my friends ant no lie....the whole bunch of ya are folksing...ers and you don't see true folksingers so much now a days. when you guys sing ya can hear that your putting across the song and the song only and the passion poor's out like a weeping willows river of tears, and thats the important thing about folk music. As young as this old timer may be i know a great sound when i hear it...and you guys got it. congrats and keep up the spirit of Amalgamated muck. J.R :)
Since playing shows together in Small Town Concert Series and joining musical forces, the melodic amalgamation of Lauren Agnelli with Matthew Male, Brian Wolfe, Rose Bengston and Rodney Maxwell has become more than just some pretty mucking about – they’re now officially Amalgamated Muck! Best described musically as Americana Music – roots, country, and folk with rock & blues mixed in -- Amalgamated Muck does it best, with great harmonies and spirited performances of their own original songs, as well as some very tasteful choices of cover material.

Brian “Ebin Parker” Wolfe of Ebin-Rose comes from that British Folk tradition (Nick Drake, John Martyn), bringing along a bevy of vintage stringed instruments. Rodney Maxwell (vocals, lead & acoustic guitar) has a solid a country and rock background (Johnny Cash, Lowell George, The Allman Brothers), while Lauren Agnelli (vocals, bass, ukulele, 12-string guitar) hails from Grammy-nominated Contemporary Folk, 3-part harmony group the Washington Squares (“Peter, Paul & Mary meets The Violent Femmes”).

In between virtuostic instrumentalizing by Brian and Rodney on mandolin, guitar, tipple, etc., and solid basslines or rhythmic accompaniment from Lauren & Matthew, vocalist Rose Bengston (of Ebin-Rose) sings leads with “soft, ethereal” vocals a la Sandy Denny, or harmonizes with lead vocals with Lauren and /or Rodney (& sometimes Brian), for a lovely new sound that’s emotional and stirring; Matthew Male helps keep it all together on percussion. In total, there’s never a dull moment with Amalgamated Muck, so come on and listen!

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Lauren Agnelli,Matthew Male, Rodney Maxwell, Brian Wolf, Rose Bengston
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Amalgamated Muck
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Folk / country,alt country

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Chester, CT

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