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Besides being a musician, I create web sites for artists and bands as Windhaven Network. Need a web site? Give me a yell!

As for music, depending upon who you ask, I am a musician, writer, artist, poet or delusional lunatic. I've been making noise for a long time, starting way back in the mid-1970's when I would often steal my step-brother's acoustic guitar and play it until my fingers bled. I played in various bands through the years for decades around my hometown of Kings Mountain, NC, but moved to Saint Petersburg, Florida, in 2007 for "a complete re-boot".

I'm focused on recording the soundtrack for a novel I'm writing, as well as other original material, and am hard at work work with Windhaven (an acoustic trio) and Catdaddy Pirates (a rowdy Classic Rock/Blues outfit). To date I've written well over 400 songs, and hope to record at least 100 of them before I'm too old to pull it off!

At this point it's not about "making it". Let's face it, for most of us older guys that ship has sailed. It's about surviving long enough to get the songs recorded. In the end, the reason we're all here is to create whatever it is that we're going to leave behind. I'm just hoping to get the work done in the short time I have left here on Earth.

I am known in some circles as the editor and curator of the online publication of the Malleus Maleficarum. It's a dubious honor, sure, but you'll find my name on Amazon.com associated with a Kindle version of the Malleus.

Through my web development company (okay, it's just me, but it's my business, so there), Windhaven Network, I have the privilege of hosting some great organizations, including Floozees Doozees (a great source for eclectic t-shirts and products "with sass & attitude"), PaganCentric (an organization dedicated to alternative Pagan thought) and Mama Peggy's Recipes & Ruminations (the best source on the web for bona fide Southern recipes). I know. This section is supposed to be about how many fans I have, how many gigs I played, awards I've won and festivals I've headlined. I've had an interesting career as a musician, but I'm not listing any of that here. What has happened in the past doesn't matter as much as what I'll be doing in the future. Meet me somewhere tomorrow, and we'll discuss where we're all headed in the next year. That's all that really matters.

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