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For more than 10 years, Raaw’el Letrice Ware has lectured and given spoken word performances at grade schools, colleges, and homeless shelter. The content of her presentations tailored to the needs of her audience.
The above passion let to the birth of a partnership called R.I.S.E. Rock It Science Entertainment which later was changed to Rock It Science Empowerment as she now manages solo. RISE is an organization that focuses on personal development. To use creative strategies such as spoken word, poetry, literature, lectures, music, drums, and broadcasting to share positive words, thoughts and ideas for the purpose of encouragement, education, and empowerment.
Raaw’el received a Bachelor of Art degree in Communication with a minor in African American Studies & an associates in Liberal Studies.
Raaw’el’s passion for writing has driven her to complete three books. Her first book, That's Deep: A Collection of Poetry and Literary Insights, was released in Spring, 2007 (revised and re-release 2010). A follow-up book is called That’s RAAW: an Analytical Anthology & Poetry Journal; Two other books in the works are “Behind the Door” her autobiographical book from victim to victor and “THINK!” a mind jolting book that poses questions & concepts of history & philosophy.
She has written, arranged and produce two CD’s from the trilogy collect of That’s RAAW. These CD’s consist of spiritual conscious hip hop & spoken word. She is also one of the dynamic women featured on the documentary. She was interview and featured on SWIP (Spoken Word Intertainment Poetry) television broadcasting and featured on the SWIP Stop the Violence second album with her song “BE FREE” . She is a model, actress, drummer, and dancer. A point of awe in Letrice’s life is that she maintains this very high level of community involvement as a single mother raising four sons.
Visit her at www.risewithus.biz (presently under construction)
Email africaware32@yahoo.com

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RAAW Words/ R.I.S.E (TM)
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Christian/Gospel / Inspirational hip hop / Spiritual RAP

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Saint Louis, MO