Insufferable Noise Machine / Bio

[INM] was formed at a point in time previous to this one
[INM] can best be described as (though not directly comparable to) the sound of justin beiber at 3 000 000 decibals.
[INM] chief influences tend to be stuff that at one time was influanced by other stuff
[INM] will not announce its future presidental bid at this time
[INM] is not willing to release naked pictures of you obtained by hacking your computer. . . at this time
[INM] plays NU RETRO a Genre of its own design
[INM] would like to state an offical comment of non comment for the offical record.
[INM] doesn't really care if you like it or not. . but loves the company.
[INM] is sick of talking about itself on here
[INM] This message will self destruct.. . NOW!

General Info

Band Members
NAGHORVIK KRUCHIEVE SORAN III (and his slovenly ship of fools)
Artist Name
Insufferable Noise Machine
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Active Since
Rock / Nu Retro / Space Cowboy

Contact Info

Toronto, ON, CA
He was Killed in a bizarre gardening accident

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