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The Afro-Latino Connection - After undoubtedly winning fans over with their ethnically-charged single "Fiesta", the Bay Dawgs continue to capitalize on the appeal for their Afro-Latino charged music.

Advantage, multicultural backgrounds; the Bay Dawgs uniquely blend African and South American vocal stylings over latin infused Hip Hop and Reggae beats. Tembu grew up in Cameroon, West Africa while Lizo harnessed his Latin swag via El Salvador. The duo met in Richmond, California where they have been coloring Hip Hop blocks with African melodies and Latin chants ever since. "Drawing from Reggae, Salsa, Hip Hop, R&B, and Caribbean zouk can be very rewarding" Tembu confesses with laughter.

Their multifaceted sensibilities were heightened on "Happy Hour" a record the Bay Dawgs produced, wrote and engineered all but three songs on and are following the same trend on their newest album in the works album "The Living Room Floor”,currently in production. "The Living Room Floor" is a perfect mix of street savvy rhymes coupled with traditional ethnic melodies and pure musical genius. On their high energy Caribbean charged track ”Ride With Me", the Bay Dawgs display to a "tee" what makes their sound so special and lethal.

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Michael Ndah and Carlos A. Rios
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Bay Dawgs
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Hip Hop / Afro-Latin Hip Hop / Afro- Latin Pop

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Suisun City, CA