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Large Louie
After playing many decades of one nighter's and touring and playing the glitz of Las Vegas Showrooms and Lounges and opening up for star's like Willie Nelson,and other's.Making TV commericals in Las Vegas and Radio Commericals in Southern Cal,putting years in studios recording many different genres of music including track's for West Coast Rap, Asian Rap, Alternative Rock, Country,Country Rock,Bluegrass,Ballads,Soul,Latin,recorded background music for Dinner Houses,back up band for dancers at Strip Club's in Garden Grove,and San Diego,and playing the Sunset Strip,and Smoke Filled Honky Tonks in the West,Southwest,North.
It was his biggest honor playing show's for our troops Marines,Army,Naval,Airforce for many years.And over the years having personal friendships with Ike Turner,John Dopyera the inventor of the Dobro Guitar,in Escondido Calif. Jamming with Little Julian Herrera in San Diego and many others All the time paying his dues and honing his craft.
Large Louie's first musical influences was the "Blues" and Boogie Woogie at age six,not knowing what it was called,he only knew that he loved it and that he wanted to play it! His toys at christmas were'nt toy gun's & games,his toy's were toy drum sets,toy tenor Sax,Piano,anything musical.At the age of seven he was talked into taking lessons
on classical violin with the promise that he could change to drums,and boogie woogie piano,this wasn't true so he made the best of it and became the best in his class.This wasn't cutting it for him,because he just couldn't make the sound's that he heard on late night radio in L.A.when he was supposed to be sleeping! At age 12 his parents moved from L.A.to start a cattle ranch in the nothern mountains of San Diego County.The Blues was left in L.A.but his love for it and his desire to play it lived never left him! In that old ranch house he found something in the cellar that would
change his life for ever! Louie found an old "broken" accoustic guitar that only had two strings on it and no back! That's
all he had but he found out the he could tune-up those two strings and play them.He showed promise on that broken guitar so his parents bought his first guitar which happened to be electric and a small amp,With this he started writing his own song's right away,and by the age of 16 had his own band and made his first his first double sided 45 rpm record at 18 in the same studio that "Angel Baby" and many other Classic's were recorded.
Louie turned full time pro at 18 and because he was "Large Louie" was never carded and started playing adult honky tonks and bars! In some of the "red neck"clubs he would get fired for playing a Blues song! Louie was playing any type of venue and genre to support his family!
Years later he started playing tracks for southern California rapper's,and International rappers,got "Ripped Off" on some International "hit's" that he had arranged and co-wrote and played on,he decided it was his time to get back to his original love "The Blues" to tell his own stories and pursue his own "Original Songs".After a close personal loss Louie decided the time was now!
It's his songwriting that drives him on and on,there will always be another story to tell as long as he can hold a guitar pick in his hand,and pound out Rock'n Boogie Woogie on Piano or Organ and Blues Riff's on Slide Guitar and Slide Mandolin.The Blues is his first love and only true love and always will be!

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